Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Crossing the Divide

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A Family Adventure Along the Continental Divide
This is a compelling story of a historical family event.

Three generations participated in one man’s 3,800 mile walk along North America’s Continental Divide from Mexico to Canada. In their book, Richard and Gaila Mallery tell the story in dual perspective of the backcountry and the frontcountry. Dick hiked the trails and Gaila drove the motorhome meeting him every two to ten days at mountain passes and trailheads with resupplies and encouragement. Their daughter, Maggie, was in charge of enthusiasm and Gaila’s parents were the support of the support team.
Most long-distance hikers leave their families for months to pursue their passion for the trail. This is a story of how one family took a different path. One that allowed them to enjoy the adventure together.

Crossing the Divide is not just a journey through a geographical area, through spectacular country, it is a walk into time. You learn where months of walking take you mentally as well as physically. This book will allow you to explore the perception of distance as a foot traveler. The physical uncertainties of wilderness travel make you spiritually receptive and prompt you to listen to something beyond yourself. Unlike North America’s other long trails, the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail is still a work in progress. Readers will find the experiences of the Mallery family during their five month journey, appealing, uplifting and entertaining.

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Contact: Richard or Gaila Mallery
Phone: 231-342-0623